Billing Practices

Billing Practices

The attorney-client relationship functions best when there is openness and transparency. Both sides should know what they’re getting into. Just as I expect my clients to be open with me about their legal needs, I am open with them about the cost of my services.

Before every engagement I communicate to the client my best estimate of the total cost. In the vast majority of cases my estimate turns out to be accurate. After the work has begun if for any reason I suspect the bill will turn out to be higher than my estimate, I immediately let the client know.

I bill on an hourly rate. My standard billable rate is $300/hour.

I reserve the right to discount my rate (which I sometimes do when I’d like to spend time on a project that doesn’t improve the deliverables, such as when a project presents a unique or novel aspect to it that is interesting to me personally but for which the client shouldn’t be paying).

I bill for travel time.

Unlike many law firms, I don’t bill for standard office functions such as:

  • Photocopying
  • Printing
  • Scanning
  • Long distance phone calls

I don’t bill for document notarization.